Among all the concerns homeowners face, weed issues are by far the most prevalent.  Some people wait until weeds virtually take over their sod, which leaves them no choice but to tear up the existing grass and start anew.  Read below as we discuss the common weed issues one faces with sod, and learn what you can do to keep your sod free of these pesky intruders.

  • Weeds can actually be a bit picky when it comes to which type of grass they will overtake. However, the most common weeds (Dollar weed, crab grass and torpedo grass) have one thing in common: they need less care than your turf to grow. Therefore, do not assume that just because you water your lawn, you are keeping weeds at bay. 
  • Avoid weeds by keeping your grass healthy. Water and fertilize it correctly. Use a licensed pesticide service, and ask the technician if he or she notices any infestations. If you spread pesticide yourself, follow the directions on the bag exactly. Misuse of pesticides is bad for the environment and adds toxic chemicals to water runoff.
  • Recognize problems when they begin, and act quickly. When grass becomes ill and weak, parasitic weeds thrive.