Many landscapers in Florida treat sod installation as a mindless process. They buy some grass, clear a lawn or median space, and stick the grass on top of loose dirt. Though many people believe that is all that is needed in order for sod to thrive, sod actually requires more attention during the installation process. Make sure your sod flourishes. Follow the tips outlined below, and contact us for more information.


  • Before you purchase a single square of sod, make sure the grass will thrive in that particular space.  If you are attempting to sod a shady area, for example, it may be to your benefit to pass over the grass that requires full sun exposure. If you are not sure what type of grass to install, ask us. For instance, some varieties of St. Augustine grass, like Bitter Blue and Palmetto, will tolerate shade well.
  • Do not wait too long to install your sod. Once it is delivered to your door, install it as soon as possible. That way, the roots will have prime ability to establish themselves. Plus, as every Floridian knows, leaving sod out in the sun too long is bound to be a poor idea.
  • Make sure you really need new sod before you tear up your existing grass. It could be that chinch bugs or another pest has infiltrated your lawn. Perhaps a simple treatment by an exterminator will solve your problem.
  • Fertilize correctly. Make sure you are using the correct balance of fertilizer, and spread it (or have a professional spread it) as needed.