Those who hope for stellar performance form their sod selection must consider the irrigation system an important part of the maintenance process. Truly, one may lay the sturdiest Bahia available, fertilize it properly, and mow it regularly, and problems may still arise if the irrigation needs are not met. To ensure that your grass continues to thrive, follow the irrigation system tips outlined below.

  • Have a professional plan your irrigation layout. Your yard or commercial property likely features more than just grass. It is important that the shrubbery and flowers receive the correct amount of moisture as well – and that means correctly placed sprinkler heads.  Install too many or too few, and you will see problems arise.
  • Overwatering, though seemingly proactive, can be one of the worst things you can do for a lawn.
  • Under-watering is an understandable concern during the scorching Florida summer.
    Avoid crispy, dead grass. Pay attention to the daily needs of your sod, as well as the water restrictions that are currently in place. It is possible to maintain healthy sod during times of restriction, but you may need to be very exact with your watering strategy.

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