This variety of grass is from Argentina.  Even though Argentine Bahia originated on another continent, here in the North American South, it is one of the favorite types of grass used for pasture land and lawns. 


See what to expect from a lawn sodded with Argentine Bahia:

  • Extreme amounts of forage which quickly generates thick areas of coverage.
  • Bahia will thin out in shade. A hardy grass, it loves full Florida sun and does not need much break from it.
  • Water makes a huge difference. It takes a while for these seeds to germinate and it is extremely important that the field be properly irrigated in order for this to occur. The high humidity in Florida’s air helps the grass thrive.
  • Does not need to be fertilized a lot. Spring and fall feedings will suffice. Higher rainfall seems to be more important for Argentine Bahia. 
  • If it is used for pasture, your cows will be happy: they say Argentine Bahia has a pleasant taste.