Take standard St. Augustine grass, soften the texture, turn the color spectrum to blue-green and you have Bitter Blue. This fine-bladed variety of turf grass was developed to dazzle.  It is prized for a number of reasons, including:


  • Durability – This variety does not seem to mind the salt.  It does well in dry conditions and does not mind shade. 
  • Appearance – For those looking to keep a consistently beautiful lawn, Bitter Blue is a wonderful choice.  It maintains its color nicely.  Do not worry about posting “Keep off the grass” signs in order to keep the lawn perfect – it recovers quickly from wear and tear.  Treat it nicely, and unsightly weeds won’t dare make an appearance.
  • Low Maintenance Needs – No one is going to call Bitter Blue a water guzzler.  Little fertilizer is needed for optimum results, but it is necessary.  After all, there’s no such thing as a “super grass.” Though Bitter Blue does present a number of optimal attributes, it must be maintained correctly.  That means regular treatment against chinch bugs and other pesky Florida insects.   
  • Bitter Blue will tolerate shade.