Leave Zoysia to fend for itself in the midst of a drought, and you have a good chance of it continuing to live.  A superb container of moisture, Zoysia has saved countless homeowners who sporadically irrigate from completely killing their lawns.  It is also tolerant of salt, as long as the area is well-drained.  To achieve the best results from Zoysia, remember:


  • Empire Zoysia is resistant to drought and acts like a native Floridian: it does not like the cold. 
  • Mow often – and mow closely.  Lawns that feature Zoysia in full sun conditions should be mowed every 5-7 days.
  • Grub worms are a Zoysia’s biggest enemy.  To eradicate them, be sure to monitor the soil throughout the summer and fall, and if you see the pests, immediately apply an insecticide.